Why Do I Need a Resumekite site?

Gain Credibility, Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Why do you need a Resumekite site?  Sure, you could post your resume online to a job search website.  Oh, and you have a LinkedIn page?  Great.  While those are great tools, they are incomplete because employers need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to view your resume through those networks, and only people within your circle can view your LinkedIn page.  

That's where Resumekite comes in. 

Get Found Online

Resumekite allows you to actually build a website that is on the internet, that can easily be found on search engines.  No need to signup for anything, or be part of any circle. While social media sites will come and go, the internet, websites, and search engines are here to stay.  With a Resumekite site, when someone searches your name, chances are your site will come up in the search rankings. 


Posting your resume through a Microsoft Word doc does help to stand out.  There are limitations, and Word can be a total pain.  Resumekite allows you to add examples of your work, links to specific projects, and you can even upload your physical resume to your site so people can download it. You can also customize to your liking to show your personality. 

Credibility and Professionalism

Resumekite is proud of our professional and innovate look and feel of our sites.  The greatest part is that you don't have to pay a web designer thousands for a personalized site, you can get it for only $4.99/month. Having a personalized resume website shows people that you invest in yourself and adds credibility, placing you as an expert in your field. 

Gain An Edge Among The Competition

In today's fierce job market, you need every edge you can get.  The ability to quickly send a link to your Resumekite, or even list it in your physical paper resume can make the difference to employers sifting through piles of generic Microsoft Word resumes. Resumekite is that edge, and is definitely worth the small investment. 

Even if you are in your dream job, showcase what you have done, or add a blog to bolster your professional reputation.