Resumekite Features

Resumekite offers numerous features to easily create a website without any experience or knowledge:

No Coding Necessary

With Resumekite's easy interface, not no coding, html or programming knowledge is required.  Simply fill in your information with ease, through our Resumekite Dashboard. Our simple framework presents your resume in a professional, eye catching way. 

Personal Customization

Everything on your Resumekite site is fully customizable.  Fonts, colors, dashboards, backgrounds, and more are all controlled by you.  The possibilities are endless with the Resumekite simple interface. 

No Ads. Ever

There are never any ads on your Resumekite site.  We repeat, no ads ever. We don't use space on your site to advertise and get clicks.  No ads will ever appear on your site.  The only advertisement is yourself!

Free Hosting

With Resumekite you never have to worry about monthly or yearly hosting fees, or dealing with a hosting provider.  For less than the price you can pay for hosting a site, you receive an easy interface and a out-of-the-box website ready to go. 

Unlimited Space and Bandwith

There are no upload limits on Resumekite.  Upload as many pictures, embed videos, and documents as you would like.  Also, there is no limits on visitors or traffic bandwidth.  We hope your site brings in as much traffic as possible. 

Free Google Analytics

See how many visitors your website gets.  Track the biggest referral sources and see where they are coming from.  By tracking the geographical location in Google Analytics, you can estimate if prospective employers have viewed your site.

Optimized for Smartphones/Tablets

Resumekite is optimized for smartphones and tablets, so no "zooming" or "pinching" to make sure it shows up on smaller screen appropriately. Visitors can take in your awesomeness on all devices. 

Connect Your Personal Domain

With Resumekite you can connect your personal domain (i.e. for increased personal visibility.  Own your digital identity and promote yourself and your accomplishments online.