Building Your Resumekite

Building your Resumekite Page is easy.  The Resumekite interface is simple, allowing complete control, yet only offering a few simple options to customize your page and information.

To log into your site: go to
Replace yoursitename with your site name.
Example: if your site name is dsmith, go to

This will bring you to the Resumekite dashboard.
To see the live version of your site at any time visit

Learn more:

The Resumekite Dashboard
resumekite dashboard

Your Resumekite website is built into 4 sections to visitors:

  • Header
  • About Me
  • Jobs/Education
  • Contact Form/Skills/Accomplishments.

Setting Up Your About Me Section:

  • Click on “About Me” on the left hand navigation panel
  • Click to edit your “About Me” section
  • Fill out the portion in the body with whatever you would like.
  • If you would like to change the title from About Me to something different, edit the “About Me” headline.
  • When you are satisfied with all changes, click “update” as shown below.

about me help page

Your Jobs/Education Sections

  • NOTE: When filling out education, fill out all your education, within the education section.
  • To edit/add Jobs/Education click JOBS/EDUCATION on the left hand navigation panel.
  • To add a new job, click “ADD NEW”
  • To Delete Job or Education, select that item with the left hand check box, select “move to trash on the drop down, and hit “apply.”

jobs education page

Editing Individual Job/Edu. Descriptions

  • To change the title of your job, or location, enter it in the main title.
  • To edit the description, enter it within the body of the page.
  • When satisfied, click update.
  • NOTE: When adding new jobs, you may have to center align your text within the content to make it align like your other jobs.

jobs description page

Editing the fonts, colors, background of the jobs/education sections

  • While inside a job, scroll down on that page to where you see “section options.”
  • Change font size, font type, font color, background, and more.

custom panel

Adding Images, Video and More

  • While within a job/education page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Themify Builder” tab.
  • Set the column layout by adjusting the squares (you can set it to 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 columns)
  • Drag Image or video to the column layout box
  • NOTE: Not all options are currently supported, but are being developed.

themify panel

To Edit the order in which jobs and education display on your site:

  • Select “Job/Edu. Order” on the left hand navigation
  • Click and drag the order you would like your jobs/education to display.
  • Click update when completed.

job order

Editing Your Skills & Accomplishments

  • Click on skills/accomplishments on the left hand navigation
  • Select which one you would like to edit.
  • Edit content as you desire.
  • Click update when you are finished.


Editing your navigation menu

  • To edit the main navigation menu items, click on “nav menu” on the left hand navigation panel.
  • Click screen options on the top right hand side, and make sure that “sections” is checked.
  • Click and drag sections to the location you would like.
  • Sections (jobs) can be inserted into headings by dragging inward.
  • Click “Save” when finished.
  • See below for more descriptions.

menu screen options

Adding Job to menu
menu add

Menu Positions
menu drag

Menu Titles
menu title

Editing Your Social Links

  • Click “Social Media Links” of the navigation panel
  • Within the next panel, edit your links and click save all when finished
  • NOTE: If you do not want certain links to appear, simply push the “x” to delete


Customizing Other Aspects of Your Site

  • Click on site customization on the navigation panel
  • To edit the header wrap — edit the HEADER WRAP BACKGROUND SECTION
  • To edit your body font, go to STYLING>BODY FONT
  • To edit how the menu looks, go to STYLING>MAIN NAVIGATION
  • You can control many other aspects of your site from here
  • NOTE– some of these selections can be overwritten, based on selections on individual jobs, education, selections.