About Resumekite

Paper resumes are outdated.  Whereas employers may still request a paper resume, Resumekite is designed to enhance your personal resume by providing a professional, cutting edge website to illustrate how awesome you are, placing you one step above the competition, and making you more memorable.  Placing your resume online through a website allows you to add more information like pictures, videos, and more examples of your work.  You no longer have to worry about fitting everything onto one page.

You are also more likely to be found on the internet.  Social media sites come and go, but websites are consistent.  With your Resumekite site online, anyone can access and view your site — not just those within circles, or those that can poke you. Resumekite comes with free Google Analytics, so you can see how many visitors you are receiving, where they are coming from, and a whole lot more. You purchase your own domain and connect with your Resumekite site, so you can completely own your online presence.

But Resumekite is not just for those looking for jobs.  Even if you have a stable position doing whatever you are doing, Resumekite helps you keep a portfolio of your accomplishments, responsibilities, and more — helping you build credibility in your field.  Use your Resumekite blog to become and industry leader in your field.